Friday, November 16, 2007

Marcello rocks

Jim, Stephen and I went to the Film Forum last night to watch Divorce Italian Style. It was almost a Men's Choir evening. But not quite. Paulie could not join us due to illness, but Stephen's amore Siobhan was present for the movie. It almost felt like the time Medusa took The Invisible Woman's place in the Fantastic Four! But Paulie, don't fret, we did not break the sactity of the Choir. After the movie, Jim and Sal went for dinner at Bar Pitti. No Cynar was served, and no women joined us. Stephen went home with Siobahn, and she cooked him his dinner as a proper wife should. We did have great food. Jim started with a Tuscan bean salad, while I opted for the Caprese salad. Nice. And Jim had some pasta with a ground pork ragu, while I went for fettuccelli with truffles. It was a festival of truffles! Very good.
As far as the movie, Marcelo Mastroianni slayed us. Amazing subtelty throughout, he was surrounded by an equally amazing cast. Tremendous! Based on this movie alone, I feel every member of the Men's Choir should grow mustaches. Until next time, Bafangul!
E Baci a tutti,


sdestefano said...

Yes, that was a good evening, you're quite right, Sal.
A few corrections, though. I liken Siobhan being with us more as when She-Hulk replaced the Thing in the FF. Siobhan's more She-Hulk than Medusa to me. Also, she did not cook me dinner when we got home, as we opted for the other Italian activity of screaming and spitting in eachother's faces. Lastly, both Jim and I have mustaches, technically. We have goatees. You and Paul, as choir members in good standing, must do your parts, if our organization is to have any kind of future.

Sal DeStefano said...

Stephen, I'll have to accept your analogy on faith, as I am more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy, and I missed the entire era in which She-Hulk was introduced. I don't even know how she was created. Did the Hulk have sex with Betty and turn her into She-Hulk? Should we start calling our women She (insert male's name here) ? For instance, should Shelly be known as She-Sal ? I kinda of like it. As far as you and Jim's mustaches, goatees do not count. The mustaches need to be fuller and able to be twisted on the ends. For the sake of the Choir I will immediately start growing a mustache, and should be finished by 9 PM this evening.

Paulius said...

Why you put a picture of my sister on the blog? I keep her secret. How you get the picture?

In Lithuanian culture virility is not the beard but the shaved head. Yul Brenner? Remember? Beards on face is like hair from crotch. I say leave it there. Shave head will be my sign of strenght and certainty. What woman like to do with my bald head I can only tell in privacy of men's choir meeting.Till next time when we travel to other side of the world (Brighton Beach)and stir up trouble among russian females.

sdestefano said...

I agree with bare-headed Paul. Now, I'm going to have breakfast prepared by She-Stephen.