Thursday, May 22, 2008


Brother Stephen, who just tonight was rechristened Stemo, has once again proven his value as an ILMC member.

I present to you a link to an article about the Feast of Seven Fishes. So, what's so great about that? I'll tell ya -- it talks about Fried Cardoons, which I foolishly thought were dandelion greens, but Stemo corrected me and said they were artichoke stalks and now here's proof that he was right. (This is why the rest of us don't have choir names yet!)



sdestefano said...

I appreciate the recognition, Brother Jim.
But I thought my new name was spelled STIMO!

Also, I can't believe someone did a graphic novel about this before we did.....
Envy rears its ugly head....

flaviano said...

ok this blog won the "weirdest blog ever" prize!!!
Cynar rulez!